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Radivision and ESMS Global CEOs Mona DeFrawi and Bill Kiser Unite to Drive Startup Funding and Retail Investor Prosperity

New York, NY [April 22nd, 2024] – Today, CEO and founder of Radivision, Mona DeFrawi, joins forces with ESMS Global CEO Bill Kiser to extend access to private investments worldwide for retail investors, while also forging a vital avenue of capital for startups in search of funding.

Entrepreneurs, retail investors, and enthusiasts alike can now freely explore the Radivision platform, tapping into its acclaimed original series, insightful interviews, meticulously curated resources, engaging user-generated content, and connecting to startups. ESMS Global’s client companies will be featured on the Pitch Planet series on, inviting viewers to immerse themselves as “sharks” and discover compelling private investment opportunities, an asset class that has consistently outperformed public markets with over 70% higher returns for the better part of the last two decades.

Mona DeFrawi, the visionary CEO and Founder of Radivision, brings to the table a wealth of entrepreneurial accomplishments spanning three decades, marked by groundbreaking innovations in capital markets. Notably, she pioneered the first private market platform tailored for institutional investors, aimed at restoring venture IPOs and enhancing liquidity. Radivision’s unique streaming social platform provides tailored, new IR and PR support to startups while delivering retail investors access to private markets, where a staggering $72 trillion of Assets Under Management resides in the US alone. The mission of Radivision is clear: to bolster startup funding and democratize access to private markets, enabling broader participation and prosperity. Radivision educates and empowers viewers and seamlessly connects them with advisors, startups, and investment opportunities. Mona DeFrawi’s dedication to innovation and economic growth have earned her acclaim as one of Forbes’ “Most Powerful Women in Technology” and among the “Top 100 Women in Fintech.”

Under the seasoned leadership of William Kiser, ESMS Global has garnered over 130 years of expertise in facilitating private placements for listing on global stock exchanges. Offering comprehensive services spanning marketing, sales, and customer care, ESMS Global prioritizes building enduring relationships, understanding client requirements, and consistently delivering value.

By synergizing ESMS Global’s proficiency in investment facilitation with Radivision’s groundbreaking approach to democratizing private market access, this strategic alliance is poised to unlock untapped opportunities and drive substantive change. Companies onboarded onto the Radivision platform and the Pitch Planet platform via ESMS can anticipate heightened access to investment prospects, streamlined listing procedures, and unparalleled support, whether navigating the intricacies of private markets or leveraging digital platforms for growth. “This partnership with Mona DeFrawi and Radivision propels ESMS towards offering enhanced value to a wider spectrum of clients,” remarks Kiser. “By amalgamating our strengths, we envisage achieving remarkable outcomes and fostering mutual success.”

DeFrawi concurs, stating, “Main Street investors in the US have long been sidelined from startup investing, a consequence of unseen shifts in financial market infrastructure a quarter-century ago that disrupted public markets and prolonged the IPO transition period for retail investors from an average of 4 years to as long as 14 years today. Despite consistently higher returns in private markets compared to public ones, many remain unaware of their accessibility or the potential to allocate a portion of their investment portfolios to these high-growth private deals. Leveraging ESMS’s unique solutions and client base alongside Radivision’s scalable platform and content, we aim to responsibly catalyze capital formation, economic growth, innovation, and prosperity on a global scale. We are thrilled to collaborate with Bill’s visionary leadership and the esteemed team at ESMS Global.”

About ESMS Global

ESMS Global specializes in providing seamless solutions for private placements and Regulation D and A stocks. With an innovative plug-and-go approach, we empower businesses to navigate the complexities of raising capital effortlessly, right from day one. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses every facet of the fundraising journey, from strategic marketing and lead generation to meticulous compliance requirements, robust accounting support, and dedicated customer service. We offer an all-in-one platform designed to streamline the fundraising process.

About Radivision

Radivision is the premier streaming + social platform for the Startup World, captivating, informing, and connecting viewers with private market investment opportunities. Viewers can engage, learn, connect, and invest with the backing of Radivision’s original, curated, and user generated content, alongside a suite of tools including a private investment portfolio tracking system. Founded by IPO-innovation and private market trailblazer Mona DeFrawi, Radivision aims to reintegrate retail investors into the startup ecosystem, enabling broad participation in the new economic landscape of the Entrepreneurial Revolution.

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