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Radivision®and KingsCrowd Partner to Support New Startup Fundingand Private Market Investing

San Francisco, CA (June 12, 2024) Radivision® and KingsCrowd today announced a strategic
partnership to give retail investors the tools they need to participate in the growing private
markets while delivering a new funding source to startups. This collaboration unites
Radivision’s strengths as a streaming and social platform that connects retail investors to
startup content and opportunities with KingsCrowd’s unparalleled expertise in private market
data and analytics.

The partners’ shared mission is to demystify private market investing and give more people the
confidence to participate in startup wealth creation, which has outperformed the public markets
by 70% or more for most of the past 25 years. This is an especially vital need today. Shifts in the
public markets since 1998 have disenfranchised Main Street investors while funneling outsized
gains to the largest players, contributing to the widening wealth divide in the U.S.

Radivision will soon offer its members the ability to track private investments with the Angel
WalletTM, a new tool powered by KingsCrowd and integrated into Radivision’s platform.
Radivision will also offer access to KingsCrowd’s institutional-grade analyst reports, along with
other data. In addition, Angel Wallet will include an educational option allowing users to track
“fantasy” private investments.

Mona DeFrawi, private market pioneer and CEO of Radivision, said, “Radivision and KingsCrowd
share a mission to deliver transparency and success for retail private market investing. By
joining together Radivision’s startup content and platform with KingsCrowd’s data and analytics
capabilities, we are poised to transform everyday investors’ ability to grow wealth in the private
markets. U.S. retail investors control $72T of assets, but until now, they had little access or
resources to intelligently deploy these assets well. Our partnership delivers solutions that will
ignite innovation and economic growth, creating prosperity for all Americans.”

Chris Lustrino, CEO of KingsCrowd, added, “KingsCrowd is committed to providing investors
with the tools they need to be empowered to invest intelligently into the private market asset
class. To that end, we always look to partner with those who can provide even better access to
the growing retail investors community. Being able to provide integrated access to our services
at the point of contact with partners like Radivision helps us realize our vision further.”

About Radivision®

Radivision is the startup world streaming + social platform that entertains, informs, and
connects viewers to private market investment opportunities. Viewers can watch, learn,
connect, and invest with the support of Radivision’s original, curated, and user-generated
content, and more. Founded by IPO-innovation and private market pioneer Mona DeFrawi, who
previously connected public and late-stage institutional investors to early-stage venture-backed
companies to restore industry liquidity and IPOs, Radivision re-connects retail investors and
helps everyone participate in and grow wealth in the new economic paradigm of the
Entrepreneurial Revolution. For more information, go to

About KingsCrowd, Inc.

KingsCrowd helps investors navigate the startup investing market and make informed, datadriven investment decisions. KingsCrowd’s proprietary startup rating algorithm analyzes over
300 data points on every startup to provide trusted insights, analytics, and ratings. By providing
institutional-grade data and analysis that all stakeholders can trust, KingsCrowd enables anyone
to “invest like a venture capitalist.” KingsCrowd ensures that investors never miss out on
promising private market investments while eliminating hours of work spent searching for and
vetting deals. For more information, visit KingsCrowd at, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

For further information, please contact:


Abigail King, Marketing Manager



Brian Belley, VP of Product


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